For the next two days (20th and 21st Jan) Sisters in Crime – the complete Alexandra Bertolissio crime story collection, including two whole novellas – will be available for free in the Kindle Store.  No codes or coupons needed, just go along to Amazon and grab a free copy (make sure the ebook price is set to $0.00, the offer only lasts two days).

No strings attached, but do me a favour, OK? If you like your free book, write a quick review of it at Amazon. That’s easy too, and just a single line saying you liked it will really help me sell copies of the book after the free offer is over.

I hope you’ll pick up your free copy of Sisters in Crime and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And don’t say I never give you anything :-)

(PS If you don’t have a Kindle and still want to read the stories, they are available in other ereader formats on Smashwords – but they’re not free and they aren’t collected together, you’ll need to buy the three titles, Sisters, Manhunt, and The Thirteenth Egg – total cost $5.97.)

The Kindle Digital Publishing service is really very good. It took me a couple of hours to reformat the Alexandra Bertolissio stories for the new Kindle edition and to publish it on the Kindle Store. As well as, I also published it with and at the same time and at the same price (in their local currencies) all with a few clicks of the mouse. It took another day and a half for Amazon to do whatever it does behind the scenes, but now I can proudly announce that Sisters in Crime – the complete Alaxandra Bertolissio collection, including two whole novellas, is available for purchase in Kindle Stores around the world.

Get yours from:

Sisters in Crime, available now at the Kindle Store


I have to say, I grew tired of waiting for Smashwords to work out a distribution deal with Amazon. It’s a shame it hasn’t happened but there it is. While hundreds of people have been downloading the Alexandra Bertolissio books from Smashwords, my experience is that there would have been at least ten times that many sales if the book had been available from Amazon. So, today, I put together a new edition that combines all of the ‘Sisters’ stories together with the two novellas (‘The Thirteenth Egg’ and ‘Manhunt’) and called it ‘Sisters in Crime’. It has just gone into the Amazon Kindle process and should be available for sale from the Kindle Store in a day or so. I will post the link as soon as I have it.

So, if you’d like all your Alexandra Bertolissio stories in one place – on your Kindle – ‘Sisters in Crime’ is on its way. Watch this space.

With just a couple more days to go on this year’s Read an eBook Week, I’ve got to say how pleased I am that so many of you have taken the chance to grab copies of my books for free at Smashwords. You know, at the prices ebooks sell for (mine are all $0.99 usually) writers don’t make any money worth shouting about from ebook sales, so I like to join in events like this one and offer my books for free, just so that people get the chance to read them.

And it looks like the 2011 Read an eBook Week is going to be enormous. In five days, so far, I have had more downloads of my books than in the previous five months! Its a sign of a growing audience for ebooks (hands up everyone who got an ebook reader for Christmas) and a brilliant example of how these events can work to get a writer’s name ‘out there’. So a great big THANK YOU to everybody who downloaded a copy.

Of course, I hope that you’ll enjoy the books you downloaded and that you’ll come back for more – especially if I’ve convinced you they’re worth spending your hard-earned dollar on. Remember too that ebooks make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or just as little thank yous to the people in your life. So spread the message that ebooks are the new way to enjoy good writing, and spread the love to everyone you know.


Sisters - a collection of crime stories by Jack Holbrook

I’ve just published a collection of short stories featuring Detective Alexandra Bertolissio and her beatiful sister, Mel. The collection, called “Sisters“, goes deeper into their relationship than previous stories. But, don’t worry, there are plenty of homicides to be solved as Alexandra grapples with her difficult personal life. The last story in the collection, by the way, (called “Together”) follows on directly from the events in “The Thirteenth Egg” as the two sisters attempt to get away from it all – and the fallout from that disastrous case.

You can find “Sisters” on Smashwords (although, if you’re patient, it will eventually find its way to many other online bookstores). All three of my Alexandra Bertolissio books are available on my Smashwords author page. You can treat yourself to the set for less than $3.00!

Yes, folks, July is the Smashwords summer/winter sale and many of their ebooks are at reduced prices or even free.

So, for the whole of July, you can get both Jack Holbrook ebooks absolutely free from Smashwords. Just enter the code SW100 at the checkout and they are both yours for the asking.

Follow this link to get your free copy of “The Thirteenth Egg” Detective Alexandra Bertolissio’s own sister is in the frame for robbery and murder after a priceless jewelled egg is stolen – yet her own department is keeping her at arms length while the investigation is bungled.

Follow this link to get your free copy of “Manhunt”. A serial killer is on the loose and Detective Alexandra Bertolissio is close on his trail, but getting the evidence she needs to put him away means risking everything.

This is a pricing experiment. I’ve a pretty good idea how well my books are selling at $1.99. For some months now I’ve been giving them away free to a certain group (servicemen posted overseas) through the use of coupons. I have to say, free ebooks ‘sell’ like hotcakes!

Now I want to try selling these crime novellas at just $0.99 to see what the response is. Hopefully, a great many more people will buy at this new price than at the higher price. If it was more than twice as many, it would mean I’d make more money by selling at the low price! And that would be a win for everybody.

So, if you have been thinking about picking up one or two of my crime thrillers, or if you just want to keep the price of ebooks low, there has never been such a good time to try them out. At less than a dollar each, they have got to be good value!


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