For the next two days (20th and 21st Jan) Sisters in Crime – the complete Alexandra Bertolissio crime story collection, including two whole novellas – will be available for free in the Kindle Store.  No codes or coupons needed, just go along to Amazon and grab a free copy (make sure the ebook price is set to $0.00, the offer only lasts two days).

No strings attached, but do me a favour, OK? If you like your free book, write a quick review of it at Amazon. That’s easy too, and just a single line saying you liked it will really help me sell copies of the book after the free offer is over.

I hope you’ll pick up your free copy of Sisters in Crime and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And don’t say I never give you anything :-)

(PS If you don’t have a Kindle and still want to read the stories, they are available in other ereader formats on Smashwords – but they’re not free and they aren’t collected together, you’ll need to buy the three titles, Sisters, Manhunt, and The Thirteenth Egg – total cost $5.97.)